caspar bik

Caspar brought his terrific teaching of Georgian, Turkish, Bulgarian, and Roma dances to Stockton in 2017 and 2018. He also taught a wonderfully creative dance from his home country of the Netherlands that he choreographed. Caspar is a talented and gentle teacher, and at 29 years old, he is a rising star in the folk dance community.

Caspar has been an active dancer from a young age with groups who represent the Dutch dances as well as groups who show an international repertoire. He graduated in 2013 as a dance teacher from the dance academy Codarts in Rotterdam. Besides folk dancing Caspar has experience in modern/contemporary dance, classical ballet, jazz dance, ballroom and tap dance.

Since his graduation he has been teaching different dance styles to children, teenagers, and adults of both amateur and professional level. He founded a youth school for theater art in 2014 which performs a stage musical every year for which Caspar creates the choreography. Both as a folk dance instructor and as a choreographer he has taught courses in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA. 

Caspar comes to Fall Camp as a teacher of international dances with emphasis on countries from around the Black Sea.


Jubilant in Georgia

 In the above photo he is camping and jumping for joy in the Kazbegi mountains of Georgia. Caspar has been specializing in folk dances from countries around the Black Sea. He conducted research in Georgia, trained with professional ensemble "Erisioni," and traveled through the country to experience the variety and beauty of Georgian dance, song and music. 


Caspar at stockton